We recognise the importance of parents and carers in a child’s developing stages. Parents are the child’s first educators and we greatly value any input, opinions and information you can share with us about your child’s learning and progress.

In Early Years, we are constantly observing and assessing the children. We take photographs and videos as evidence of the children’s experiences and achievements and we assess and monitor the children’s progress and highlight any areas for development. At the Hundred of Hoo Nursery we use Tapestry, which provides each individual child with an online Learning Journal where all of these observations can be recorded. 

Once added to Tapestry, an email is automatically generated to parents/carers set up to that child’s account and they are informed that an observation has been added so they can have a look and add any of their own comments to it. Parents/carers can also add their own observations of their child to share progress and milestones at home. We would love for you to upload photos, drawings, writing or mark making that they can proudly share with the class.  

We also encourage you to contribute to these by making small observations at home. (For example if your child’s target is to identify numbers to 10, you may notice him or her using the remote control to change the channel correctly to channel 3. This is showing us that your child can recognise the number three independently.)

How secure is it?

Tapestry is hosted in the UK on dedicated, secure servers. These servers conform to very high safety standards and are proactively managed by a central security team. A copy of Tapestry’s Privacy Policy is available on their website.

Who can access my child’s learning journal?

The Hundred of Hoo Nursery staff have access to the children’s Learning Journals. You will only have access to your child’s journal and this cannot be seen by other parents. However, children in the class will sometimes be photographed with others as they work together. For this reason, we will ask permission for your child to appear in photographs within other children’s Learning Journals. It is crucial that you DO NOT share photos or videos from your child’s journal on social media or through other online platforms. All parents/carers will be requested to sign a consent form and if there are any incidents where confidentiality is  broken, these will result in access to the system being withdrawn.

How do I log on?

Once you have signed and returned your consent form, you will be given your account login details. Further instructions can be found in the information packs.  

All policies are available to parents; please ask a member of staff if you wish to see these.