The nursery completed a parent survey in March 2022.  We would like to share some of the positive comments with you and take this opportunity to thank all parents that took the time to complete the survey we appreciate all of your comments.

Thank you to all the staff at the Nursery who consistently ensure my daughter has access to well planned activities to provide her with a range of learning opportunities.
A fantastic nursery, my child’s knowledge and understanding is fantastic. He always comes home and tells me something new he has learnt he always amazes me with the things he knows. He will definitely be ready for main-stream school.

Just a huge thank you to everyone for their commitment and hard work. Tapestry is also a fantastic way to see what the children have been doing and we love seeing the photos and messages so definitely keep up the hard work with that.

I am so grateful to the staff at this nursery, in particular the wonderful ladies in teddies room. My daughter has had the most amazing experiences, and her well-being and joy have always been at the forefront of their minds. This is reflected in the excellent progress she’s made and the beautiful little human she is becoming. I absolutely credit some of the best parts of her personality to the amount of care and love these ladies have shown her. It feels like the staff in Teddies room became apart of our family, and no words will be able to tell them how grateful I am for their continued kindness, understanding and patience with both myself and my daughter. She and I will never forget how supportive they were during some of the toughest times of our lives, and they were a guaranteed constant for her and I will never be able to put my gratitude into words for that. Thank you, Teddies room, for everything you did for my little girl.

Thank you so much to the amazing ladies at HOH nursery. You’re all amazing!

The nursery works very hard to look after the children and does an amazing job of looking after my son, he loves to come and play and has learnt so much already.

All I have got for the nursery is praise. Everything is great. All the teachers are amazing. Very please with how my daughter gets on at nursery. 

The nursery is wonderful. Staff are kind and friendly and my daughter absolutely loves spending her time there.

I feel so lucky that my children have been to this nursery. Not only are the key workers in the rooms fantastic, so are all the other staff – Mo, Hayley and Tamara. I know other parents who have moved their children to nurseries closer to their siblings’ schools for convenience, and they have all said how much better the HOH nursery is in comparison. My daughter does so many educational activities at the nursery, and has lots of fun play and social interaction with her friends there. I love that they get the children in the outside space as much as possible when they can, and during the winter months they set up lots of physical and sensory play inside. She is happy to go to any of the ladies when her key worker isn’t there, and is shown genuine care and affection by everyone she comes across. It is so important for working parents to be able to leave their children with people they trust – not to just look after them or do the basics, but to actually nurture them and provide a home away from home. This nursery is an absolute gem and I would recommend it in a heartbeat to anyone.

A small group of Nursery pupils are supervised by a staff member as they water flowers.
Three Nursery pupils are pictured sitting together and playing with pictured cards.