Welcome to Squirrels Room!

There will be lots of new things to learn and we would like to ensure that your child is well prepared. Our aim is to provide a happy, stimulating environment where every child will be given the best possible opportunities to achieve their full potential and an education which will nurture their needs as individuals.

We understand that this can be a difficult time for parents and we would like to support you as much as possible to make this an enjoyable experience for you and your family.

In Paddington room your child can explore the next stages of their development whilst having lots of fun. We pride ourselves on being an exciting and engaging place to be – encouraging the children to be independent learners through a range of fun activities provided.

A small group of Nursery pupils are supervised by a staff member as they water flowers.
A small group of Nursery pupils are shown playing with flower heads in a paddling pool.
Three Nursery pupils are pictured sitting together and playing with pictured cards.
A male Nursery pupil is shown playing with PlayDough.
A female Nursery pupil is pictured drawing on paper with crayons whilst standing at a desk.

Squirrels room routine

Just to note, we don’t provide breakfast in Squirrels room, However a snack will be provided for the children at 9.30am.

  • 08:00 – Nursery session starts. Some activities are set out and Children are able to select some of the resources and toys in which they choose.
  • 09:30 –  Snack time. A variety of fruit or toast with either water or milk is offered.
  • 10:00 – Circle time, this may include a group story and some singing
  • 11:30 – Free play and adult led activities
  • 12:00 – Lunch time.  A hot meal is provided

  • 13:00 –  Afternoon session begins. Nap time for those children who require a little nap.  For those who do not want a sleep then its play time again with a mixture of activities indoors or outside.

  • 15:30 – Tea time.  A snack is provided

  • 16:00 – Free play

  • 17:30 – Session ends

Nappy changing occurs at regular intervals during the day. All children are encouraged to use the toilet frequently during the day, and wash hands throughout the day. Outside play occurs at various times during the day.

Please also note that this timetable is only a guide and obviously some circumstances may alter the daily routine.

Our play spaces

Photo showing a play area inside of a classroom in the Nursery building.
Photo of an entrance to the outdoor area on the Nursery grounds, exiting from one of the classrooms.
Photo showing a play area inside of a classroom in the Nursery building.
Photo showing a play area inside of a classroom at The Hundred of Hoo Nursery.

What do you need to bring to nursery?

Children need to be dressed appropriately so that they can participate in all activities. As our learning environment is both indoors and outdoors, we ask that you make sure your child is equipped for these areas at all times of the year. Please ensure their clothing is practical and suitable for the seasonal changes. Waterproof jackets and winter clothing for cold weather; sun hat and protective clothing in the summer months; and wellies for our well known wet weather. Footwear must be suitable for activities in and outside; crocs and flip flops are not suitable please. The only jewellery permitted is studs or sleepers for pierced ears. We ask that sun cream is applied before the children get to school so that they are ready for the day.

We also ask that you provide your child with spare clothes, for any messy play or toileting accidents.

Water Bottles

Water bottles with your child’s name on them are to be brought in with your child at every session and then taken back home with you after.

Cartoon image of four different styles of water bottles lined up alongside each other.
Teddy Bears

During the first few weeks of your child starting, we understand the importance of them feeling comfortable,settled and most importantly happy. We are happy for them to bring in a snuggle or a comforter to play alongside them and make new friends to make their settling easier.

Cartoon image of a brown teddy bear with a smiley face.

In Squirrels room we use tapestry as a means of communication with parents, we use an online care diary to relay food eaten, nappy changes and sleep time. This will come to you as an email.

Verbal communication is relayed on collection of your child/ren. It is also used as a way of communication between you and us, so please feel free to message us with any information you may need to let us know.

If you have any questions or concerns do feel free to speak to the room supervisor or your child’s key worker.

We hope your child’s time here is a happy and exciting time at nursery.

We look forward to watching your child grow and learn.

Thank you,

Squirrels Room

What do we do in Squirrels Room?

Cartoon image of some coloured crayons resting on some sheets of paper.
Cartoon image of some paintbrushes and an artist's paint palette.
Cartoon image of a rolling pin, a whisk, a piping bag and a mixing bowl.
Cartoon image of two plant pots, some gardening gloves and a watering can in an outdoor area.
Cartoon image of some kids musical instruments.
Water Play
Cartoon image of a rubber duck floating on the surface of the water in a paddling pool.
Play Dough
Cartoon image of a pair of hands modelling clay on a metal tray placed on a tabletop.
Cartoon image of four jigsaw puzzle pieces against a white background.
Dressing Up
Cartoon image of a variety of different types of hats, such as a Witch's hat, a party hat and a sombrero.
Cartoon image of a toy microphone surrounded by musical notes.
Walking and Exploring
Cartoon image of a field with trees and flowers, with a path running through it and mountains visible in the background.