Welcome to our Preschool Classes!

Beginning preschool is a first step in preparing your child for school life.  

There will be lots of new things to learn and we would like to ensure that your child is well prepared. Our aim is to provide a happy, stimulating environment where every child will be given the best possible opportunities to achieve their full potential and an education which will nurture their needs as individuals. We constantly review our provision and in consultation with parents and our wider community, we strive to retain our family ethos whilst also equipping our children for the future.

Two Nursery pupils are shown sitting on top of a wooden frame and smiling.
A male Nursery pupil is seen playing with toy cars on top of a wooden box.
The shoes of Nursery pupils are shown organised on a shoe rack.
A Nursery pupil is pictured climbing on a rope up a wooden frame.
A Nursery pupil is shown imitating cooking over a campfire with a pretend fire.

What do we do in Preschool?