Dear Parents/Carers,

Please see an update below regarding disruption in supplies for Cucina:

Dear Parents/Carers,

As you will probably have seen in the media, and on supermarket shelves, we’re all experiencing disruption to the products available to us. We’ve seen headlines about Nando’s chicken and McDonald’s milkshakes amongst others. You’ve probably had your own frustrations with the lack of products out there or even getting some fuel when you need it. Well, we are too, but we are in a different position to high street restaurants as we have far more flexibility in our supply chain.

We use a wide range of local and regional suppliers, so we have more options available to us. Of course, we may have to move slightly off plan and change some products during this challenging time, but we’ll always be doing our very best to make sure there’s a freshly made meal available every day.

You will also have seen the reports of staff shortages in hospitality. This is a challenge for us all in the sector and we are, of course, working hard to maintain our service levels. Again, under these circumstances we may need to change some of our services where necessary while we fill our vacancies. We will of course be doing everything to minimize any disruption and look after our students in the usual way.

So, in summary, there are issues out there with both the supply chain and the hiring of great people, but we are on it, and we’ll do everything we can to ensure your child is not impacted. But if you do notice any changes, you’ll know why. Please bear with us and we’ll get through the issues were all having together.

Working for IFG

We’re a great place to work and we look after our people well. So, if you, or anyone you know, are looking for work that fits perfectly with the school day, then please do have a look at our dedicated careers page here.

With term-time only hours, loads of development opportunities, exclusive rewards, and fantastic work-life balance, a career with IFG could be the start of something great!